Can-Am Defender MAX Heavy Duty Carrier Bearing


DETAILS Why we make them Your factory Defender MAX carrier bearing is notorious for premature wear, leaving you with an undesirable vibration that will lead to other drivetrain part failures down the road. SuperATV’s Heavy-Duty Carrier Bearing gives a smooth, reliable ride mile after mile. Greaseable and Fully Sealed Unlike the factory bearing, SuperATV's bearing is greaseable and fully sealed, reducing friction. A better bearing combined with easy maintenance means this puppy will run smooth year after year. Self-Aligning Bearing Superior to standard bearings, the SuperATV self-aligning bearing reduces side-load on your carrier bearing from the prop-shaft - a must have if you want to keep vibrations to a minimum and the life of your bearing long. Two-piece design SuperATV is the king of the quick install. The unique, two-piece design makes install and maintenance a breeze. Rather than pressing on a single bearing, SuperATV's two-piece is easily positioned and then secured in minutes. Billet or Cast? We offer our carrier bearing as a 6061 billet aluminum material or an A380 cast aluminum material to meet anyone’s needs and budget. 6061 billet aluminum is stronger than cast aluminum. It is intended for racers and riders who ride hard and frequently push their machine to its breaking point. A3280 cast aluminum is a tough material that’s many times stronger than stock. It’s perfect for the average rider who wants to upgrade to a carrier bearing that’s longer lasting and more reliable than OEM. Rhino Driveline by SuperATV

⚠ California Proposition 65 Warning ⚠ WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

FITMENT Can-Am Defender HD 5 : 2018+ Can-Am Defender HD 8 : 2018+ Can-Am Defender HD 10 : 2018+ Can-Am Defender HD 10 XMR : 2019+ Can-Am Defender Limited : 2020+ Can-Am Defender MAX : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX Lone Star : 2018 Can-Am Defender MAX XMR : 2019+ Can-Am Defender MAX HD 8 : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX HD 10 : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX HD 8 DPS : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX HD 10 DPS : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX HD 8 XT : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX HD 10 XT : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX HD 8 XT Cab : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX 10 XT Cab : 2017+ Can-Am Defender MAX Limited : 2020+ Show Less

FEATURES Available styles: 6061 Billet aluminum A380 Cast aluminum Greaseable self-aligning bearing included Locking collar included Bearing Carrier Chart, Billet vs. Cast