RBT10-15 - Razor Back Dimmable Infrared Belt Temp Gauge



3.1 Edition – Dimmable Infrared Belt Temp Gauge

The 3.1 Dimmable Edition Gauge is the latest & greatest version of our patented, thermally compensated, infrared belt temperature gauge design. This gauge allows for real-time monitoring of belt surface temperature, and features multi-color LED temperature alerts. On the anti-glare LCD screen you’ll be able to easily monitor current, average, and high belt temperatures.

Added rocker switch now allows you to dim both the LED light as well as your LCD screen. Cycle between 5 levels of brightness to suit your riding needs! You will also have the ability to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius if needed.

Thermally compensated infrared sensors are medical grade, and are manufactured to withstand the harsh environments found in motorsports.

Gauges are water resistent to IP65 and IP67 on the sensor and connections.

***Mount sold separately***

This gauge comes with a 15ft. sensor cable. Silver Bezel

Additional information:

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 6 × 4.5 in