X3/DEFENDER FRONT BILLET DIFFERENTIAL WITH LOCKER!!! .Direct bolt in .no running wires .once 4x4 is engaged you will have true 4x4 .eliminates visco clutches prone to failing .eliminates the weak stock spider gears with a 9310 TRQ locker .retains your factory axles .no electronics to fail .Cryo treated carrier, pinion, and ring gear .HD c3 rated Bearings .stronger and larger needle bearing, that's sleeved with a 4140 sleeve to keep the needle bearing from getting hot and spinning freely inside the needle bearing bore. Great for Baja style racing!!! .lifetime billet case warranty .3 yr trq locker warranty .6 month gear/carrier warranty $2,799.99 shipped For complete NEW Differential $1,899.99 to install your internals, with new bearings/ seals, TRQ locker, and full billet cases shipped back to you. $1,199.99 for just billet cases, bearings/seals kit shipped. 25 billet cases in stock to build!!!! LETS GO!!!! TRU LOCK KITS TO COME SOON....